Considering the growing number of foreigners who want to live in Poland, I decided to write a few posts about who and when can apply for a residence permit in Poland. If you want to find out where the application for a temporary residence permit is filed, what documents should be submitted to the office and when you should apply for such permission, this post is for you.

Who can apply for a temporary residence permit?

A foreigner who intends to stay in Poland for more than 3 months may apply for a temporary residence permit. Such a permit can be issued for a maximum of 3 years, if you plan to stay in Poland longer you must remember to submit another application. Temporary residence permit is not extended automatically.

Where to apply?

Proceedings regarding the issue of a temporary residence permit are pending at the voivodship office(pol. Urząd Wojewódzki) in the department competent for foreigners. The application should be submitted to the voivodship office competent for the place of residence of the foreigner. If you live in Krakow, you submit your application to the Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki, and if it is in Opole, it will be the Opolski Urząd Wojewódzki.

What documents should be submitted with the application?

In addition to the completed application form, the foreigner should document the reasons why he wants to stay in Poland for a longer period. There may be many such reasons, it will depend on individuals situation what documents should be submitted with the application. For example, if the purpose of the stay is to study at full-time studies, the application should be accompanied by a certificate from the unit conducting the studies about admission to studies or about the continuation of studies. Filing a complete application and an exhaustive set of documents will allow you to settle the matter faster. The procedure for applying for a temporary residence permit is time-consuming and may seem complicated for people from outside Poland. If you are not sure if you can handle all the formalities yourself, you can ask a lawyer who specialises in foreigners matters for help. A lawyer will not only help you submit your application, but can also represent you before the office.

Do you need additional legal assistance? If you have questions about a temporary residence permit, write to me!

  1. Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash